INNOVATIVE Sport Psychologists

DR. Erin zelinksi
- Sport Psychologist  

BSC Psych, MC CPSY, MSC Behav. Neurosci., PhD Cogn. neurosci.

Erin Zelinski is a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists specializing in Sport and Performance Psychology.


Erin spent most of her youth in Saskatchewan as a speed swimmer, but her love of mountain sports drew her to Alberta for her postsecondary training. This training includes a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience (2016), a Master of Science in Behavioural Neuroscience (2011), a Master of Counselling in Counselling Psychology (2020), and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2007). During her education, Erin studied how our brains use information to construct our experiences and how these processes can go awry. Erin has published this research in numerous scientific journals and presented her research at dozens of international conferences. 


Erin is committed to evidence-based practices to help her clients achieve their goals. She achieves this by blending various therapeutic approaches with her training in Neurobiology.


When she isn’t at the clinic, Erin can usually be found on an outdoor adventure with her family and friends.