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Erica Nodden


BScNutr (H), RD 

Erica relocated to Calgary shortly after completing her BSc in Nutrition at Acadia University in Nova Scotia. She quickly fell in love with the mountains and now spends her free time hiking, backpacking, or planning her next adventure.


As an athlete, coach, and lover of food, it made complete sense for Erica to pursue a career working with nutrition in sports. Learning from her own experience as an athlete, Erica has dedicated her practice to helping people fuel their bodies and take the guesswork out of their nutrition plans.


She offers comprehensive appointments and plans strategically tailored to your specific needs, barriers, and goals. Working with Erica means you will not only get expert advice, but you will also gain invaluable nutrition knowledge and skills that you can use throughout your life.


Although Erica has a specialization in sports and active lifestyle nutrition, she works with a wide range of individuals to help them reach their nutrition goals. From injury prevention and recovery to general diet analysis, Erica would love to meet with you and discuss your nutrition goals.

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