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Rapid Access Sport Injury Clinic

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What is the Rapid Access Sport Injury Clinic?

  • The Rapid Access Sport Injury Clinic is a clinic structured to assess patients with acute (new), recreational activity or sport related injuries and sport related concussions.
  • Patients DO NOT require a referral from another physician.
  • This program includes an evaluation and diagnosis by an experienced Sport Medicine Physician.
  • We make every effort to see patients within 1-3 business days upon receipt of your intake form, provided you meet the inclusion criteria below

Who is eligible to access?

  • Anyone over 5 years of age who has been injured in a sport or recreation activity within the last 6 weeks.
  • Injuries sustained at work or in a motor vehicle accident are not eligible.
  • Suspected fractures or lacerations should go to the nearest Emergency Department and not register for the Rapid Access Sport Injury Clinic.
  • Patients over 13 years of age with sport related concussions.

 Who are the Sport Medicine Physicians?  

Is there a cost?

  • There are NO DIRECT COSTS to patients.  Rapid Access Sport Injury Clinic visits are covered by Alberta Health Care.

Are there any other costs?

  • Your physician may prescribe therapy, bracing or other treatment services that are not covered by Alberta Health Care, but are often covered by extended health benefit plans. 
  • Innovative Sport Medicine offers physiotherapy, bracing, athletic therapy, chiropractic and massage services, but patients are free to go to any facility of their choice for any prescribed treatment.

If you are eligible to be seen at the Rapid Access Sport Injury Clinic… 

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