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What is RunIQ?

RunIQ is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to the prevention and treatment of running injuries while improving running efficiency and performance. The program provides evaluation and recommendations from specialist clinicians including a Sport Medicine Physician, Physiotherapist, Biomechanist, Orthotist, and Training Advisor.

How does RunIQ work?

Before entering into the RunIQ program, prospective clients will be evaluated by a Sport Medicine Physician to determine their suitability for the program. The purpose of this medical consultation is to provide precise diagnosis of the injury and may include diagnostic imaging and/or other laboratory testing.

Once the diagnosis has been made and program suitability confirmed, the client is enrolled into the RunIQ program. In one session, the client visits the RunIQ gait lab to be evaluated by all relevant specialists:

• A biomechanist performs video gait analysis

• A physiotherapist assesses strength, flexibility, and functional movement

• An orthotist examines the foot and footwear

• A training advisor evaluates previous training regimens and current running goals

Following these individual assessments, the clinicians consolidate their analyses and present their findings to the athlete.

What can I expect from RunIQ?

Each client will receive a complete information package on their injury, biomechanical assessment, and therapeutic plan. The therapies, which may include medical treatment, physiotherapy, footwear and orthotic changes, gait retraining, and home exercise, will be systematically implemented. This process allows the clinical team and the athlete to participate in the process in an integrative way to create a clear and direct pathway to fully restored running health.

Once the therapeutic plan has been initiated, clients will receive follow-up gait analyses at the 6- week and 12-week marks.