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Rapid Access Sport Injury Clinic

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Given the COVID-19 pandemic, we will accept acute, non-sport related and work related MSK injuries. We are well aware of the pressure placed on our family medicine and emergency medicine colleagues by this outbreak and are willing and able to help as required. We will:

  • see any acute MSK injuries which need to be assessed in person or require virtual assistance for care management
  • see patients not requiring urgent orthopedic surgery assessment in a timely manner
  • be available for telephone consults for MSK-related issues from family doctors
  • arrange urgent access for rehabilitation and bracing etc
  • can screen, investigate and assess patients referred with non-urgent MSK issues on a case-by-case basis (virtual and in-person as needed)

Our goal is to keep as many patients out of the emergency department as possible.

What is the Rapid Access Sport Injury Clinic?

  • The Rapid Access Sport Injury Clinic is a clinic structured to assess patients with acute (new) injuries
  • Patients DO NOT require a referral from another physician
  • This program includes an evaluation and diagnosis by an experienced Athletic Therapist and Sport Medicine Physician 
  • We make every effort to see patients within 1-3 business days upon receipt of your intake form, provided you meet the inclusion criteria below

Who is Eligible?

  • Anyone over 5 years of age who has been injured within the last 6 weeks
  • Suspected fractures or lacerations should go to the nearest Emergency Department and not register for the Rapid Access Sport Injury Clinic

What To Expect

  • Your team consists of an Athletic Therapist and a Sport Medicine Physician.  You will first be seen by your Athletic Therapist who will take a detailed history of your injury, complete a focused physical examination, and present your findings to your Sport Medicine Physician.
  • Your Sport Medicine Physician may then do additional testing to confirm your diagnosis and provide a detailed explanation of your diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Depending on your injury, your Athletic Therapist may provide you with a structured rehabilitation program that you can work on at home
  • Your care team may be expanded to include a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist or Orthotist
  • You may be sent for imaging (e.g. X-Ray) during or following your appointment.  We have imaging conveniently located within our parking lot

Is there a cost?

There are no direct costs to patients.  The Rapid Access Sport Injury Clinic visits are covered by Alberta Health Care.

Your physician may prescribe therapy, bracing or other treatment services that are not covered by Alberta Health Care, but are often covered by extended health benefit plans.  Innovative Sport Medicine offers physiotherapy, bracing, athletic therapy, chiropractic and massage services, but patients are free to go to any facility of their choice for any prescribed treatment.

If you are eligible to be seen at the Rapid Access Sport Injury Clinic:

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