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Be Ready for Golf Season!

What is Golf Fit?

Trainer Rich Hesketh brings his decades of experience in elite athletics to get you fully fit for golf.

Want to hit the ball further?
Ever felt like you’ve run out of gas by the 14th hole?
Simple shots get harder to make further into your round?

The Golf Fit training system uncomplicates the science of golf training so you can play better THIS season. Tailored for your training needs; let’s train like the pros!

The training system provides

  1. Standardized warm ups for consistent play beginning to end
  2. Enhanced posture & stance with a connection to the ground
  3. General fitness and strength for overall well being
  4. Specific fitness and strength for the long drive
  5. Speed & power development to power through the thick rough
  6. Improved athleticism because golfers are athletes
  7. Balance/Proprioception for any lie
  8. Recovery and mobility/flexibility strategies to prevent injury and increase range

Cost and class sizes

To fully maximize your fitness, $200 provides access to four dedicated, one hour classes with no more than 6 participants per class.

Our next session starts soon:

  • Session 1 starts Wednesday April 1st for four consecutive Wednesdays from 630-730pm

Call our Mayfair location to book while space permits! 403-452-5757

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