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Registered Dietitian

What is a dietitian/nutritionist?

A Registered Dietitian is a trained nutrition expert that provides advice and counselling about diet and food. We use the best scientific evidence, coupled with good judgement for each unique client and their individual needs.

What makes a Registered Dietitian different?

This title is different from other nutrition titles (Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Certified Nutrition Practitioner, etc.), and do not mean the individual is a provincially regulated health professional. Registered Dietitians have completed a minimum education of a Bachelors degree in nutrition, have completed a highly competitive dietetic internship program and passed a national exam. Registered Dietitians are also registered with a Dietetic Regulatory Body in their province. This keeps us accountable to provide the highest standards of education and ethics. It means you can be sure you will receive information and advice that is reliable.

Is a Dietitian and a Nutritionist the same thing?

They can be. Across Canada, “Dietitian” is protected. In some provinces, the title of “Nutritionist” is protected. In Alberta, Quebec and Nova Scotia, the terms Dietitian and Nutritionist are interchangeable and both are protected. To be sure you are getting a Registered Dietitian, ask if they are a Dietitian or look for the credentials “RD”.

What services are available at Innovative Sport Medicine?

A Registered Dietitian is able to provide assessments and follow ups that are billable to extended or private health care insurance. While keeping your individual needs in mind, a Registered Dietitian helps to build your meal planning habits and enjoyment through healthy choices that are easy to make and fun to implement.  Restricting foods is not our main focus - finding the healthiest but attainable methods is our main goal.