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Research Postings and Articles

Archived Newsletter Articles:                                                                       Useful Links:

Enhancing Your Performance With Regular Exercise                                         Physiotherapy Alberta 

Repetitive Strain Injuries - Break the Pain Cycle                                                 Canadian Physiotherapy Association

Activity Trackers - Are they for you?                                                                     Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors

Sitting: This Generations Smoking, Regardless of Activity Level.                   Remedial Massage Therapists Association

Self-Esteem: The Imposter Syndrome                                                                  Clinican & Patient Info on Pelvic Health Disorders 

Kicking Off Your Spring Run!!                                                                                  Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine

The Relaxation Response                                                                                         College of Physicians and Surgeons

Foam Roller: Fad or Fact?                                                                                         Canadian Athletic Therapists Association

Craniosacral Therapy – The Massage for Your Central Nervous System                                                                          

Experiences of a Physiotherapist       

Concussions and simple Nutritional changes that can help get you back into the game of life   

The Time I Ran Away With the Circus…   

The Deep Core

You, Physiotherapy and Your Pelvic Floor

Contemporary Cupping Massage

Your Baby’s Head Shape: Torticollis and Plagiocephaly

A Motor Vehicle Accident, a Life Altered: PTSD

Yoga Therapy

Pregnancy and Prenatal Massage

Chiropractic - Who, What, Why and When?

Motorcycles and Low Back Pain

Preventing Low Back Pain                                                   

Overtraining Syndrome

Frozen Shoulder. A Potential Breakthrough.

Nourish Your Stress This Holiday Season

Strength and Flexibility for the Prevention of Running Injuries

Meet Our New Clinic Director at Evidence Sport and Spine South!

What is “Dry Needling” and who is it good for?

Breaking out the Bike

A Beginner's Guide to the 4 P's of Hiking

Runner's Dietary Essentials 

Tendon pain that just won't go away?

As a Teenager I Knew Everything

Backpacks: How heavy is too heavy?

How Effective is that Treatment?

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